Japanese Translation
Over the years, we have recruited a strong and stable roster of professional Japanese translators, comprising over 15
senior-level personnel (as of 2012). Our professional Japanese translations include:
Japanese-to-English Translation
Japanese-to-Chinese Translation *
Japanese-to-English + Chinese Translation *
English-to-Japanese Translation
Chinese-to-Japanese Translation *
*Includes traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.
Japanese-to-English Translation
Our professional Japanese-to-English translators comprise native English-speaking, native Japanese and Local Hong
Kong translators. Our native English-speaking translators are experts at handling marketing, legal and finance-related
documents while our native Japanese-speaking and Hong Kong local translators specialize in technical translations
relating to IT, medical and healthcare, consumer products, automobiles and mechanical equipment, and many others.
Japanese-to-Chinese Translation
Our professional Japanese-to-Chinese translator team includes local Hong Kong personnel as well as translators from
mainland China, who specialize in traditional Chinese translation and simplified Chinese translation respectively.
Japanese-to-English + Chinese Translation
On occasion, we may assign a translation project to one translator who is proficient in both Japanese-to-English and
Japanese-to-Chinese translation, or set up a project team comprising two translators who specialize in both
Japanese-to-English translation and Japanese-to-Chinese translation.
English-to-Japanese Translation
In most cases, we will assign this type of translation project to our native Japanese translators who either live in Japan
or Hong Kong, or in some cases assign it to our Local Hong Kong translators whose Japanese translation skills are as
good as native Japanese.
Chinese-to-Japanese Translation
Generally this type of translation project is handled by our native Japanese translators who live in Japan or Hong Kong.
In certain circumstances, we may also assign a project like this to our Local Hong Kong translators whose skills are
comparable to native Japanese translators.
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